在BCK体育注册官网网址, we create real change through a campus-wide commitment to sustainability 和 environmental responsibility. 对我们来说, sustainability involves taking a holistic look at environmental, 经济, 和 social factors affecting our communities, the historical systems we are working to change, 和 creating a world where ecosystems 和 societies can thrive. 这是BCK体育注册官网网址减少能源, 水, 材料浪费, lifting up 和 creating opportunity for marginalized communities, 和 building a framework that uses social justice as a lens through which we improve our environment.



Discover how years of work have made DU a leader in sustainability among institutions of higher learning.


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Our 可持续性 Efforts

多年来, the BCK体育注册官网网址 has worked to establish sustainable practices on campus, from retrofitting our buildings for increased efficiency to building partnerships that help provide environmentally responsible options in dining, 住宅生活, 校园流动性. We’ve worked to build 项目 that make living a sustainable life easier 和 more accessible, regardless of background or resources. Learn how we're making progress across silos, 障碍, 和 scientific fields to support a more positive outlook for the future.


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Our approach to sustainability leans on integrating students' curricular work with their co-curricular work. Students can choose a sustainability-focused major, 小, 浓度, or certificate program offered at our various schools 和 college 和 pair that with work they do in internships, 学生俱乐部, 校园工作, 和 independent study opportunities. Whether you're interested in sustainability in international business or want to research the next wave of technology that will improve the health of our ecosystems, we offer a plethora of ways to learn about advancing sustainability initiatives.

探索 可持续性 Education

38% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2006

690K KWH reduction in electricity usage per year over a 12-year period

100% electricity use that will be offset by solar by 2027

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Our sustainability 项目 are built on the interest, passions 和 hard work of our students, 教职员工. Learn how you can contribute to a sustainable, just 和 equitable future on campus 和 beyond.